Nexus 5 Specs retrieved from a leaked log: It’s a Google Beast

Leaked nexus 5 specs
Its is almost an year since Google announced its Nexus 4,a smartphone that became an instant hit. This year, Google started giving out hints of a nexus 5 device by first lowering the price of nexus 4 and then discontinuing the smartphone. The specs of Nexus 5 have now surfaced through a leaked log.

The smartphone is set to come with a Snapdragon 800 Processor clocked over 2 GHz. and 2 GB RAM to support. The screen is an impressive 5" screen (actually, 4.97") with 1080p resolution, 442ppi pixel density. While you can expect the latest Android 4.4 KitKat on the nexus 5, the camera is still going to be 8MP.

The smartphone is set to be announced in a few months and if Google keeps the price of its device low, it will surely run short in the market like Nexus 4.


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