Nokia ending Symbian MeeGo Support from January 1

Nokia has been recently taken over (most of it) by Microsoft. While Nokia has a very large market in cellphones with both low end and high end phones earning revenue, its time for a change. Nokia has decided to discontinue its support for Symbian Meego (OS of Nokia N8).

Nokia will discontinue its support for Symbian Meego from 1st of January 2014 all over the world.

This means that there will be no software upgrades and new apps available from January 1st onwards. However, apps uploaded before the end of the year will be included in the Ovi Store. Application Publishers will also receive payments for the apps..

With Windows Phone OS currently the most important OS of Nokia, it is time to dispose off the unnecessary. The Symbian MeeGo never really took off as it was initially expected to do so and ended up in only handful of smartphones.

Its time to Move to Windows Phone!

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