Old Samsung devices get hit by an import ban: Obama refuses to Veto

The US government is currently stuck in major problems with a government shutdown in progress. Among this mayhem, the Samsung devices that were banned from US were not vetoed and now the ban has been imposed.


This ban has been imposed by ITC after Apple filed and won the case of patent infringement against Samsung.

The government had 60 days to veto the decision and but it didn’t want to. The devices that will be banned include Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Continuum and Transform. These devices have been discontinued so the sales will not be affected much. As compared to this decision, Obama administration vetoed the sale of iPhone 4 which is prejudice with Samsung.

Samsung can always appeal and get the ban delayed until the result comes of the appeal. Adam Yates of Samsung stated,

"It (the import ban) will serve only to reduce competition and limit choice for the American consumer."

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