Tesla opens West Coast Supercharger Corridor for its Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
The biggest Gadgets of this Modern Age are the Electric Cars. Like all other Gadgets, they also need to recharge. Unfortunately, its battery cant be charged using a normal USB Charger. To solve this problem, Tesla today announced series of Quick Charging stations for its Electric Cars called West Coast Super Charger Corridor.

The Corridor will allow owners of the Tesla Model S to travel from San Diego to Vancouver covering 1350 miles.

The Recharging stations will allow quick Recharge of the Tesla Model S Battery with 20 min recharge filling up the battery by half. The Stations are all placed near diners or hotels so that driver don’t just wait around to get their vehicle charged.
Elon Mulsk stated
"East Coast Supercharger network should be complete in a few months."
Those of you who own the Tesla Model S, get ready from a long drive!!

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