Cyanogen Mod app hits Play Store: Easy custom ROM installation

Android has taken over the smartphone market only because it allows flexibility not only for its users but developers as well. The Google made Operating System has been used as a base to built different custom ROMs with CyanogenMod the most famous of them. The developers have dished out an installer available on Google Play Store to install their custom ROMs easily.

The installer app has been uploaded to Google Play Store and is available for download for FREE.

The CyanogenMod app allows user to install its latest ROMs without much hassle. CyanogenMods are usually difficult to install with hard to follow steps. The app provides step by step instruction to install along with Resume capability in case of power failure. It also restores old settings of your handset.

The app, however, isnt the complete solution for installing custom ROMs. First of all you need a USB connection with a computer with Windows on it. The pushes the Mac user out of the picture. There are also several precautions you need to take before installing the ROM. The app asks you to disable your antivirus program, have fully charged battery and a high quality USB cable as well.

The app is going to support limited no. of devices which include the Samsung Galaxies and Google Nexus devices. 

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