LG G2 Mini: Mid-range device with Android 4.4 KitKat

LG G2 Mini

Mobile World Conference 2014 hosted  several keynote events including the ones from Sony and Samsung. Also present at the MWC, LG also displayed a few devices of its own at event in Barcelona. Among them was the miniature version of LG’s flagship, LG G2 Mini.

g2 mini

LG had confirmed few days back that the device would debut at Mobile World Conference 2014.

This smartphone is a complete mid-ranger yet it has been given the title of LG’s flagship. Find out Why!

G2 Mini: Differences
Starting with the Display, the LG G2 mini is smaller in size with 4.7 inch  qHD display with a with 960 x 540 resolutions.

The Processor on the G2 Mini will either be  1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 or Tegra 4i. It will depend on the region.

The RAM boasted by LG G2 Mini is meager 1 GB which is less then its big brother but considerable among mid-rangers.

The Camera in this diminution of LG’s flagship is 8 MP with a front shooter of 1.2 MP.

G2 Mini: Similarities
The LG G2 Mini retains the same form factor of the LG G2 although it is smaller in size.

The sleep/wake and volume buttons are place on the rear end of the smartphone just like the LG G2

It has Android 4.4.2 KitKat covered by LG’s Optimized UI.

The smartphone has LG’s latest Guest Mode and KnockCode features.

To recapitulate it all, LG G2 Mini is a device to buy if you want to enjoy the LG G2 software features in a limited budget.
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