Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Announced: Tizen OS replaces Android as OS

Mobile World Conference is ready to unveil some of most rumored gadgets of the 2014 in Barcelona. To get the attendees to know exactly what they will find on the Samsung stalls, Samsung held an event to announce its latest line of Watches. Let your eyes feast on Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

gear 2 gear neo
Samsung held the event today in Barcelona to announce the successors of the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Gear 2


If you are wondering why isn't ‘Galaxy’ part of the smartwatch name, its because it isnt running on Android anymore. Yes Folks, time to say hello to a new homegrown Samsung Operating System, Tizen OS.

Gear 2 is the more potent of the 2 devices announced today. Sporting an improved camera (2 MP) and a 1 GHz. dual-core, the device is certainly impressive. It also has 4 GB internal storage but the RAM remains 512 MB like the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung has made some design changes to the Gear 2, certainly for the better. The camera has been shift to the main body of the watch from the Strap which will allow strap replacement. The microphone has also been shifted to the main body for better conversation ergonomics.The Gear 2 also boasts a heart rate sensor which can be used in fitness mode, which tracks heart activity, steps, running, walking, cycling and hiking

Other hackneyed features included in Gear 2 are Bluetooth 4.0 LE, infrared for controlling a TV performance and IP67 bodies

The Gear 2 will be offered with Charcoal Black, Gold Brown, and Wild Orange straps.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

samsung gear 2 neo

The Gear 2 Neo is the cheaper version of the Smart Watches of Samsung. It also has the Tizen OS as its operating system but differs from the Gear 2 in several ways.

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo doesn’t have a camera. This is certainly a good way to reduce the price of the watch considering the camera wont be of much use anyhow. The device is slightly lighter then its potent brother (3 grams to exact) but is similar to it in every other way

Gear 2 Neo will have Charcoal Black, Mocha Grey, and Wild Orange straps.
Price of both devices are yet to be announced.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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