Feel What you Read:‘Sensory Fiction’ makes Pathos a Reality

Sensory Fiction MIT

The Thing about technology is, it always surprises you. This time the techies at MIT have outdone themselves. Much effort is being done on making Virtual World believable but making turning Words into emotions is definitely New. All thanks to the Sensory Fiction it is possible.

The prototype created by MIT media lab ironically uses ‘The Girl who was Plugged In’ as a book to be felt by the reader.

The Device used to translate words into feelings is connected to the book and the reader’s body through a Vest. The Control unit senses the tone of the writer and changes the body feelings and the ambience accordingly. With vibrators, heating devices and air bags in the vest, the device makes you feel the Pathos, Literally.

The book has 150 Programmable LEDs to change in accordance with the setting and mood in the book.

This is still a prototype and it will require several adaptions from the book readers and publishers if ever comes to the Market. With book readers becoming an indigenous species of libraries, this will bring some long lost lovers of book readers back.

Feel the Books!

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