Apple ‘Transparent Texting’ Patent: You wont bump into a Pole while texting

Apple took the top spot among smartphone manufacturers because of design innovations and smart features its phone offers. They focus on best possible user experience and that includes user safety as well. A patent filed by Apple resurfaced showing a technology which will make texting while walking much risk-free.

The technology is simple. In the background of your Chatting screen, you will be seeing a live feed of your rear camera showing you what lies ahead.

The methodology seems simple enough. A video which shows you what lies ahead while you chat away is an idea dawned on one of you. Patent says it can be used on other apps as well like Facebook and book readers. Even internet browsing can be done with a transparent background. Pretty Interesting!

But there are downsides as well. For instance, the camera needs to be upright to tell you what's ahead. Then this feature wouldn’t work as effectually at night. A prolonged walk will mean camera turned on for almost longer periods of time and eventually low battery.

It’s a developing and idea and Apple will surely make something out of it. There is no way to know if Apple were granted this patent and if they intend to use it. Only if it appears in the new iPhone 6 will we be able to know if Apple did so.

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