Apple vs Samsung Season 2: Apple will demand $40 per Phone at patent Trial

Apple vs SAmsung
Apple Samsung War in court rooms has now become too hackneyed. Both smartphone giants are not ready to go into an agreement over their patent issues. After Apple got a verdict in its favor, it is moving for more remuneration as both companies go to court on March 31

Apple to seek $40 from Samsung for each phone that allegedly infinged on Apple's patent
This trial will include more potent devices of Samsung including its flagship Samsung Galaxy S3.

The trial is for 5 patents which are unified search, data syncing, slide-to-unlock, the phone number tapping feature, and autocomplete.

Both parties met on Jan 23 where Apple stated its intent to get $40 per device from Samsung in lieu of its infringed patents. Apple will push on this front on March 31.

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