How to Delete Facebook Search History

Facebook Search History
For those of you who just got startled by the topic, it exists. Facebook keeps the record of all the searches you have ever made through the Facebook search bar. In case you want to avoid being called a ‘stalker’, here is a quick ‘How to’ to delete your Facebook Search history.
1. Sign in to your Facebook account and Click on a Gear shaped icon on the top right of your Page.
Facebook Search History

2. A drop down menu will appear. Select ‘Activity log’ from the Menu
Activity Log
3. In the Activity Log page, look at the Left Panel. Among the options, find the ‘More’ option below comments and Click. The Left Panel will extend further down

4. At the end of the Panel you will find a ‘Searches’ button. Click and you will see lifetime of your Facebook Searches

5. On the Top Right, you will find a 'clear searches' button. Click it and it prompt for confirmation. Confirm it and Et Voila!!

Now no one knows what you searched when you were alone and bored!!!

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