Google announces Android Wear: A Wearable OS like never before

Google Android Wear
Google just lit up the Wearables market with a huge announcement today. On their blog post, Google announced and detailed Android Wear, an Operating system for Wearables which is for now Smart Watches.

google now

There was no formal event for the Android Wear OS but it sure is a big news for all Android fans.

The Android OS arrives in a new form factor by the name of Android Wear. It will host a set of features for all types of users. The goal of this step is to bring power and information to your wrist and to allow you to control all the Android powered devices uses a simple wrist watch.

The most powerful feature of the Android Wear is Google Now. Just like in Google Glass, ‘Ok Google’ is how you get its attention. You can ask it to get directions, keep you updated with scores, send messages, alarms, search nearby places and what not.

Another Promised feature will be Multiscreen world. No, its not splitting the screen of the wrist watch in two. It’s the ability to control devices through your watch like setting up a playlist or a movie on your phone.

Google also promises to bring Health & fitness features in the Android Wear. It will be able to monitor calories burned and whenever you are cycling or running or working out.

Check out promo video of Android Wear

Android Wear by Google
As soon as the OS was announced, LG and Motorola announced their smart watches based on the Android Wear. More on that Later.

Google has also invited developers to use this new form factor to expand the functionality of the Wearables. An SDK for the Google Android Wear releases next week.

Check out the video of Google Engineers talking about Android Wear

Stay Tuned for more updates

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