Nokia X hacked to run Google apps: Nokia Developers plaudit the hack

Nokia X
Nokia announced its Android based smartphones, Nokia X, at Mobile World Conference 2014. Despite Android as its firmware, the smartphone didn’t have the popular features of Android like Google apps. Within week of the announcement, the smartphone has been hacked to run Google apps and launchers.
The firmware was hacked by a Spanish developer and an xda developer member Kasha Malaga.

imageThe hack allowed the developer to run all the Google Apps and additional launchers in the Android based Nokia Phone.
This hack ascertains two things. First, now hasn’t locked the X down very definitely and second that unless Nokia comes up with worthwhile replacements for Gapps, its devices will be hacked

Apparently the Nokia Developers Team was excited with the development and applauded the kasha for his effort.

nokia developer team

We will see how the Nokia replacements to Google apps and their modified Android fairs once the Nokia X handsets hits the market.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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