T-Mobile offers Nokia Lumia 521 for $60 without Contract till 19th March

Nokia Lumia 521
Nokia Lumia 521 is variant of the Nokia Lumia 520, one of the most successful low-end Lumia smartphones. T-Mobile has been offering the device for sometime on contract. Now the device is no available for $60 without a contract. The offer is valid till March 19

Get the Nokia Lumia 521 for just $59.99 sans contract from Newegg
This variant of Lumia 520 is available for $60 through Newegg but here’s the catch, it will be locked for T-Mobile only.

You have to order it through Newegg.com. Go to the Offer Page and ‘Add to Cart’ the Lumia 521. In the coupon code, enter EMCPGWG83 and this will bring down the price to $59.99. The device is also available from can be picked up through the Microsoft store for $79, while Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart are offering the phone for $69.99.

The device has a 4” screen with a 5MP Rear Camera. It has 1 GHz. Dual Core processor with 512 MB and runs on Windows Phone 8. For $60, it is surely a good buy. For those of you who want to get a feel of Windows Phone 8 or want a second phone (just to hand it away to a mugger) this is just the right offer for you.

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