Don’t Smash the Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery: It gets Angry

hammer test galaxy s5
Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship of Samsung and has been unveiled less then a month ago. Like every other flagship, it has been brutally tested with hammers, knives and car tyre. It even took a dip to determine how much water resistant is was. A recent Hammer test, however, resulted in S5’s battery zipping off like a punctured balloon. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hammer test
The Test was being performed by guys at TechRex. It turn out as they had expected.

The test showed that the device has a tough back cover with knife not leaving marks easily. The sides, however, got easily damaged with a few strokes of the knife. The screen cracked with small force of the hammer.

As the tester started hammering with force, the battery of Galaxy S5 popped out and started fizzing around. With all that energy packed in a bundle, it was burst and then went on its way.

Lesson: So whenever you plan to hammer your cellphone to death (or any other way), do remove the battery first.
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