Google Project Ara sneak peak: Modular Phones are the Future

Project ARA
During the time Motorola was owned by Google, the company starting working on Project Ara. Even after most of its sections sold to Lenovo, Project Ara was retained by Google and it continues to work on it as we speak. Here is a video which introduces us to the team of Project Ara and some of its features.

Project Ara
This video introduces us to the team of engineers working on Ara and individuals of other companies who are working very closely with Google in the development of the ‘future of smartphones’. However, the most important part of this video includes the demonstration of how different modules can be integrated into the board.

Google is using electro-permanent magnets which will connect and power the modules connected the the main chassis. The connection and disconnection of modules will be controlled by an app which Google is is focusing on making ‘easy to use’.

Project Ara will have modules with 3D printed casing which enables you to design your own casing for modules from skeletons to cats. Google’s April 15th & 16th event for Project Ara will tell us more

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