Here is Some More from Google’s Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara is in the spotlight with less then a week left in its event. After Phonebloks released a video introducing us to the Project Ara Team, MIT Technology Review Journal paid a visit to one of the contractors working on Ara.

The Journal team visited NK Labs, an Electrical Engineering company working on the Project Ara.

The company was shown the endoskeleton which is the core of the Modular smartphone of the future. With 8 slots in the back for modules like processor and memory, the endoskeleton will be turned into a phone by modules. It also has 2 component slots in the front like screen and keyboard.


The Endoskeleton will attach modules to itself using electro permanent magnets. It will be upgradable and modules could easily be replaced without damaging any module. The endoskeleton has major potential as the Journal team was shown capabilities to support medical monitoring and Professional Photography.

The Google event for Project Ara is on April 15th  &16th.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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  1. information about Google's Project Ara, Grow Up or Bye-Bye Google is very confusing and full of question marks. but, for sure google will make changes to the way they work and their search engine algorithm


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