How to Check if a website is Vulnerable to Heartbleed

Heartbleed is flaw in the Open SSL Encryption that made priviliged user data vulnerable. From usernames and passwords to credit card information, thousands of bytes of data could be stolen. To avoid websites that are susceptible to HeartBleed bug or haven’t been patched to plug this loophole, is the best way to keep your data safe. Following are few methods to identify which websites are vulnerable to the Encryption flaw.

Heartbleed checks

Online URL Checkers for Heartbleed
There are several websites available on the internet that can check a website if its safe from Heartbleed. These websites check if a website is using SSL, if yes, are they open to Heartbleed attacks or not. Here is the list of HeartBleed Checkers

Google Chrome Extension Chromebleed
Checking each and every website on the URL checkers by entering their URLs can become tedious. Thanks to Filippo Valsorda, a Google Chrome extension automatically does that for you as you visit a website.

This extension, once installed, checks every website you visit for Heartbleed bug and gives notification if the website is clear or not.


Notifications, however, need to be turned on. In Google Chrome, Goto

Settings>Extensions>Chromebleed>Turn On Notifications

It isnt able to an explicit answer about each and every websites. Some times the notifications state this


Nevertheless, Chromebleed is a handy tool and needs to be used during the time this bug is out there.

Stay Tuned fore More Updates

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