Nokia comes up with another Promotional Stunt: on-lookers get a Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630
The smartphone market is all about flashy phones with limitless features and loads of marketing. Samsung spent millions of Dollars to buy some airtime in this year’s Oscar Awards. Every Now and then, one of these manufacturers come with a different idea of Promoting their devices. This times its Nokia. The Finnish company hired a couple of football trick shot experts to knock off phones from the hands of people and offer then a Nokia Lumia 630.

Nokia Lumia 630 Trick Shot Promotion
Nokia and Football

The Finnish goalkeeper and trick shot artist L. Hurskainen and his friend Raine Siltala surprised (and angered) several people. Siltala painted a person as a mark and Hurskainen knocked their smartphones out of their hands with a smooth volley and even a header. Later on, the victims were offered variety of colors of Nokia Lumia 630 to choose from.

This promotion was out of the box and engaging from Nokia. As compared to all the dull and sulky advertisements of large flagship phones, this activity was very lively. Though, they must have made sure they didn’t knock a phone more expensive then the Lumia 630 otherwise they would have been in a spot of bother.

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