Samsung teams up with Amazon to Launch Kindle for Samsung

Kindle for Samsung
Samsung has been busy this year forming several partnerships to bring innovative features for its customers. For its more ‘book-worm’ customers, the Korean smartphones giants have teamed up with Amazon to bring a custom bookstore for Samsung devices, Kindle for Samsung.

imageThe app is available immediately for Samsung Galaxy S5 in 90 countries around the world. It will be made available later on to customers running Samsung devices on Android 4.0 or above.

Those of you who are wondering, Why a need for a new app when we have Kindle for Android. For starters, this app introduces Samsung Book Deals which lets you have access to 12 books an year (1 every month) with 4 books to choose from.

This 12 books an year deal however is referral based. You will have to refer this app to some of your friends running Samsung devices and then only you can get those free Books.

This app comes with few handy features for reading including Whispersync, Time to Read and Worry-Free Arhive. Whispersync automatically syncs and bookmarks your books on all devices.You can start reading a chapter on your Kindle and later on continue it on your Galaxy S5, the book will continue from the page you left it on your Kindle. Time to Read estimates your reading time for chapters and informs you of the time you will take to finish the book. Worry-Free Archive is automatic backup of the books your own to the cloud in case of lost device.

This partnership shows Samsung is committed to all kinds of users 

Stay Tuned for More Updates


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