SELFIE Fever: Here is a Selfie taking Mirror from iStrategy Labs

SELFIE is one of the most well-known phenomenon among smartphone users with commoners to presidents taking selfies. It gained a lot more attention when American Psychiatric association declared taking selfie as a mental disorder. Despite that, the Selfie is fever is hot with iStrategy Lab introducing a Selfie Mirror

The Selfie Mirror is has a Two Way Mirror behind which are a Mac Mini, a webcam and Arduino-controlled LEDs. Whenever you want to take a selfie, step up to the mark X (on the ground) and the timer will start. After a few seconds, the Webcam will take a Selfie and share it on your Twitter.

It is a small but interesting experiment from iStrategy Labs and SELFIE lovers out there would already be prepping themselves to buy them! Don’t Forget, its still a Mental Disorder

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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