Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite: A phone with Perpetual Power Reserve

Tag heuer
For all of those who are wondering, Tag Heuer does make cellphones. The company known for their expensive watches and sunglass have an equally expensive line of cellphones. Tag Heuer just announced its latest cellphone, Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite, and it has a very unique feature.

Tag Heuer announces its self-charging cell phone, the Meridiist Infinite
Tag Heuer Meridiist comes with a Perpetual Power Reserve, a feature which has been thought off but never implemented on.

The cellphone has a layer of Photovoltaic cells beneath the screen which allows it to charge using sunlight and artificial light making its backup time endless. This was made possible by Wysips Crystals beneath the screen which allow capture of light and its conversion to charge.

The specs of the smartphone are pretty ordinary.

A minuscule 2.4-inch LCD screen (320x240p) with a secondary display as well. The Meridiist Infinite has 8GB of storage, an ordinary 5MP camera, and is an unlocked GSM device. It is made out of titanium and carbon and only 1,911 devices will be made.

It wont be cheap either. You need to have money North of $5000 in order to get a hold of this smartphone.

Here is the promotional video of the cellphone.

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