The BB Suit: A Wifi Hotspot and an MP3 Player you can Wear

BB Suite Wifi Hotspot
Smartphones have become mainstream and people want tech to come up with something less unwieldy. There is a lot of chatter of wearables as the next big thing and with major tech companies like Samsung and Google investing in them, it seems so. However, another idea emerged that has caught many eyes. All the gizmos and chips embedded in your clothes. It is called The BB Suit.

The BB suit has been designed by Dutch fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk and it was shown at at SXSW 2014.

The suit had been made with a 3D Printing Technique and is not much in style but is loaded with Tech. It has WiFi,GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth. Therefore the Suit can be tracked on Google Maps and turned into a WiFi Hotspot. Embedded with copper wires, all these are sewed in the suit. The suit also has the capability to stream music.

All this seems very rosy but this suit will be hard to produce industrially. Then there are issues of the style as well. Not everyone likes to wear a onesie. You wont be able to wash it as well.

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