Another Apple vs Samsung Case concludes: It’s a Draw

Apple vs Samsung Case 2
The two smartphone giants have a rivalry similar to two champion boxers. They have been at it in the market and in the courtrooms. The first court Room encounter in 2012 ended in a victory for Apple, round 2 was smaller victory for Apple, almost a draw.

Android vs Apple

The court ruled that Samsung has to pay Apple 119 million Dollars for infringing its patents while Apple has to pay Samsung 158 Thousands for the infringing Sammy’s patents.

Out of the 5 patents that Apple claimed were infringed, 2 patents were found infringed by the Court. Following are the patent and the Samsung Devices that used them

Samsung claimed that Apple infringed two of its patents out of which 1 was found to be infringed by Apple Devices. patent number 6,226,449, for camera and photo organization technology was used by Apple in their devices.

This is a minor victory for Apple considering they had asked a hefty amount of $2.2 billion for their patents. Samsung were ready to pay $38 million only. Considering that Samsung was also able to get some money out of the Cupertino giants and Apple got 10% of what they demanded, this can be considered a tie.

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