Feeling the Pressure: Microsoft announces $399 Xbox without Kinect

Xbox one
Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hit the market in the same month, i.e. Nov 2013. After 7 months of sales, Sony’s PlayStation already has a 2 million Units lead on the Xbox One. Xbox One lagged behind because it was more expensive then the PlayStation. Today, Microsoft announced an Xbox One without Kinect costing same as PS4.
Xbox One without Kinect
This version of Xbox One is set to hit the markets on June 9 evening the odds between the two consoles.

But this is not all. Microsoft has also rescinded the required for Xbox Live Gold subscription to access streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and HBO Go. A Live Gold subscription will also not be needed for some premium services on the Xbox One, such as OneGuide, Internet Explorer, and Skype.

Microsoft’s hardline approach to ship every Xbox One with a Kinect (at the time of Launch) had to be dropped as many Gamers prefer to play games with a Controller in their hands. Microsoft will continue to work on Kinect and the Xbox One Kinect included version will continue to be sold.

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