Google Now tells you if You have a Car Reservation

Google Now
Google is working tirelessly to bring Real Life Assistance Experience to its users through its Products. Google Now is an Intelligent Personal Assistance made by Google for its Android Users. It is capable of showing your weather, meeting schedules, alarms,  reminders and it can even tell you where you parked your Car. Google has added another feature to Google Now, it pulls up your Car Reservations.
Google Now Logo

Google announced this update via its Twitter account showing a ‘Dollar Rent A Car’ Reservation on a Nexus 5.

Now if you search ‘When is my rental Car Reservation?’ through voice or typing, your Car Reservation will pop up in the form of a Card. Ofcourse, this will only happen if you have an actual reservation lined up. If not, Google now will do a search for Rental Car Services.

As Google continues to adds features to Google Now to help its users, it becomes creepier nonetheless. If you  But the question is, How does it know?

The Answer is simple. Google Now pulls information from the confirmation emails you get on your Gmail account. Google Now already pulls information of things like OpenTable reservations, events, hotel bookings, and packages en route from various package delivery companies. So if you email address in use is not Gmail, Google Now wont be able to know your Reservation.

Go Ahead Folks, Try it!!


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