LG G3 is official: Set to hit stores Worldwide in coming Weeks


LG G series of smartphones have become a sensation since it first started with LG Optimus G in 2012. Today, LG announced 3rd iteration of its flagship series in UK amid all the glamor and excitement. After months of speculations and leaks, LG G3 is finally Official!
This high tech gadget is set to hit the stores in South Korea on May 28th while UK networks will get the device by July

We already knew most of the details regarding its specs from leaks emerging all over the internet. The 5.5 inch QHD IPS Display with almost no bezels makes this phone extremely attractive and wieldy. A lot pixels have been jammed in that impressive display by LG, 2,560x1,440 pixels to be precise. That turns out be 538ppi beating Samsung Galaxy S5 by a huge margin (432 ppi).

LG G3 vs HTC One M8

LG is following the Android Flagship convention with a pweroful  Snapdragon 801 Processor clocked at 2.5 GHz and tantamount to this processing beast is 3 GB of RAM. A battery of 3000 mAh. powers the LG G3.

Running on Android KitKat 4.4.2, LG G3 has a plethora of custom apps and a UI not very close to Stock Android. Apps like LG Keyboard and Smart Notice ( similar to Google Now) make it different and unique for its users.

Camera lg g3

Every smartphone company brings a feature or two on the table to make its product different from others. LG has introduced laser auto focus for its Camera. In theory, it uses a laser beam to measure the distance between the G3's camera and the subject you're shooting. The idea is that you'll be able to focus on the right subject with more speed, even in extremely low light. Which is impressive, but requires more testing.

We will be able to tell you more about the device as we get more time with it.

Stay Tuned for More Updates


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