Android Version Distribution Pie: Jelly Bean & Gingerbread Strongest

Latest Android version distribution stats: 14% of all devices are now on KitKat
Google’s Android OS has developed and evolved over the years. From older, less successful versions to Android Jelly Bean and Now KitKat, Android has come a long way. The Tech giant release monthly stats of Android version distribution of all the devices currently active. You can view the stats for the Month of May above.

The data shows promising change for KitKat while Android HoneyComb is out of the list.

Following is the stats for the month of April
There is an almost 8 percent increase in the Android KitKat Percentage. As many highend devices are being launched on firmware including LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, this stat will surely rise. This rise is at the expense of Android Jelly Bean and Gingerbread, both of these versions of Android showing a decline of almost 3% since the last month. Considering how old Gingerbread is, its resilience and presence in this list is surprising.

Google has not only made its Operating System Open Source, it shares data related to it for the developers to work on Versions that are currently active. Such policies from Google make its firmware the most used smartphone firmware in the world.

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