How to Start Google Chrome, Firefox and IE in Incognito/Private Mode

Incognito Mode
Many of us set pages to load when ever we load our browser. I, for instance, have 5 tabs set to open when my Google Chrome launches. This comes in handy if we need to monitor updates of our blogs, stock exchange rates and emails regularly. But it can sometimes become cumbersome esp. I am in for a Quick Search. One Solution for this is opening the browser in Private/Incognito Mode. This features is not preset in Google Chrome Icons and requires a little tinkering. Following is the guide to create an icon that starts an Incognito/Private Window of your Browser
Private Browsing
Method 1:

1. Right Click on your Google Chrome Icon/Shortcut

2. Select Properties from the Menu. Following Dialogue Box will open

3. Replace the text in ‘Target’ Dialogue Box (highlight in the picture) with the Following Text.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" –incognito

4. You might want to change the Rename the icon so you can differentiate between the Incognito Icon and the Default Icon.

Note: For Firefox and Internet Explorer, follow the same steps except replacing the word ‘incognito’ with ‘private’ in the above text.

Method 2 (Only for Windows 7 and Above)

1. Drag your Firefox Icon to your Task Bar (So its pins there)


2. Once the Shortcut is pinned, you can Right Click on the Short Cut to Open Menu. It shows launching the Browser in Incognito/Private Mode

private mode
Note: You can do the same for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Found the Trick Handy?

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