How to Tweet with Expanded Images on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most powerful social media after Facebook. Previously, Twitter only allowed links of images with the actual tweets. As Facebook gained a lot of success using Images and Videos, Twitter had to made changes. Recently, the social media giant allowed Expanded Images in the Tweets. Unfortunately, Expanded Images cant just be tweeted using a regular browser.

twitter expanded images
A Tweet with Expanded Image looks something like the photo aboveFollowing are some of the ways to post expanded images on Twitter.

1. Hootsuite Pro

Hootsuite is one of the top social media management tools available. It has a free version and a Pro version (You have to buy it). Both tools allow you to schedule tweets but only the Hootsuite Pro version allows tweeting with expanded Images. If you are willing to put in a little money on your social media marketing strategy, Hootsuite Pro is the Tool for you.

2. TweetDeck
Tweetdeck is a Social Media Management tool specifically for Twitter. It allows tweet scheduling and tweeting to multiple accounts with the same time. This website also has an ‘Add Image’ option which allows expanded tweets but the expanded tweets cant be scheduled, they can only be posted immediately

3. Twitter Android App

Most of us have Android devices and Twitter App is available for Android. The App is pretty streamlined for Handsets. When a picture is posted with a Tweet using an Android App, the image shows up as expanded image in the Twitter Feed.

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