Old is worth more than Gold: Nokia 3310 saves the life of a Hiker

Nokia was the prime cell phone manufacturer in the for atleast 7 to 8 years of this new millennia. Known for their sturdy build quality and seemlessly never ending battery life, these devices are still used by many. One such Nokia owner got full reward for his loyalty when his phone was the sole reason he was saved from certain death.
A 70 year old Taiwanese Hiker got separated from his Hiking fellows and fell into a ravine (a deep, narrow gorge with steep sides).

He lost his cellphone during the Fall as well. He was found after on the fifth day of search after the people looking for him tracked his cellphone and triangulated its position. The man was found soon after his cellphone was located.

The phone retained its physical integrity and battery life for 5 days, something you cant except of today’s flashy smartphones with bucket-load of features. Although the device model no. wasn’t known, the phone was atleast a decade old.

Nokia still sells its featureless but sturdy devices in Asia, esp the subcontinent, with Long battery life and basic cellphone functions. In situations where an emergency could occur, these phones come in handy.

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Source: PhoneArena

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