10 Google Search Tricks Bet You Did not Know

google search

We all know the power of Google and use it several times every day to search matters both personal and professional. While Google’s Search method is pretty simple and almost anyone can do it, Here are a Few tips and tricks that can help you perform a powerful and accurate Search.

1. Google Trends

google trends

This is a Google feature that shows you what others are searching in your country. Some results are totally weird. If you have been too busy with work or some other activity and want to get back in to the groove, try Google trends to check out what is going on.

2. Filter Search according to Reading Level

reading level

This is a Google Feature unfamiliar to many. This allows you to filter your results according the reading level of the reader. For Example, you want to search quantum mechanics and you are a beginner in the subject, you can filter results showing you beginner level material. Type ‘quantum mechanics’ in the search bar and once the results show, go to

Search tools>All Results>Reading Level

Google will show you a bar graph showing 3 types of reading levels for the topic. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. You can select whichever you want to read.

3. Google a Word while eliminating all results related to your word 

apple -iphone

Using this operator, you can search for a Word while removing certain related terms related to that word. e.g. Results for Microsoft excluding results relating to Windows. You can do that by Typing

Microsoft –Windows

4. Compare Nutritional Value of Food

nutritional value of food

You want to find out which food is healthy and which is not? No need to surf several websites to find comparisons. Google provides you nutritional value of every food right on it search results. For Example, to compare Apples and Oranges, you must type

compare Apples with oranges

5. Find Related sites

related websites

You want to find related sites to one of your favorite websites? Google makes it easy for you. For Example, to find related sites to thegadgetcode.com, type


and you will see a results showing websites related to our niche.

6. Search with a specific File Type

filetype search

You are searching for something and you only want to view a certain file type? All you need to do is type your query and than follow it by filetype. For Example, to find Chemistry Lectures in PDF, type

Chemistry Lectures filetype:pdf

and you will get results that are Chemistry Lectures in PDF format.

7. Find Time in any country Right Now

time right now

Using this Google Feature you can find the current time in any  (e.g. Canada) by just typing

Time in Canada Right Now

8. Translate directly from Google Search

translate from google

Too lazy to open translate.google.com. Here is how you can translate a word directly from Google. For example, if you want to translate bonjour to english, you will have to type

Translate Bonjour to English

9. Find a Flight Departure/Arrival and Route

flight details

Worried you will miss a flight? or Forgot your flight details? Don’t worry, Google knows everything, just type your flight no. in Google Search and get all the flight details including Arrival/departure, Route and destination.

10. Google Doodles Archive

google doodle archive

Google Doodles are those weird artisty animations that appear as Google logos marking different events in history. Since they disappear after that date, you kind of miss it. Don’t Worry! You can access Google Doodle’s Archive by Just Clicking on I’m Feeling Lucky without typing anything in the search field.

Stay Tuned for More Handy Tricks

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