Google’s Doodle Archive: Find Any Doodle You Want

First Day of Winter 2013
Google is most powerful Internet search engine in the World. Every now and than, we are looking something up on Google. Many of you would have noticed the Artisty and colorful pictures/animations over the Google Search Bar on some days. Those are the Google Doodles! In Case you liked one and it disappeared later on, Here is a Website that is the Archive of All the Doodles made by Google.

Google Doodles are basically changes, animations (and Sometimes Interactive games) made to Google Logo to mark an important event in the history. They are made by a team of Illustrators called Doodlers at Google.  They disappear as soon as the date changes.

Thomas Edison's Birthday

This Archive of Google’s Logo Doodling has over 2000 Doodles made by Google till Now. All you have to do is visit Google.com/Doodles and you will find all the Doodles made by Google for Every Region throughout the years. If you click one of the Doodles, you get the details of the day and the Region (countries) the Doodle was made for.  You can also view all the Other Doodles made for the same date. There is a Search Bar for you to search Doodles according to date or Event.

You can event submit your own idea for a Doodle at proposals@google.com.

Stay Tuned for More Updates


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