[Leak]Apple iPhone 6 set to come with a 128 GB Storage Option

Launch of the Apple iPhone 6 is just weeks away. Although the event invites haven't been sent out yet, rumors state that tech giants will unveil the devices in mid September. The bigger rumor, however, is supposedly about a large storage option in the upcoming iPhone. According to Toshiba Schematics, iPhone 6 will come with a 128 GB version.

Usually, there are all types of crazy rumors surrounding iPhone and other flagship phones but a rumor this close to the launch usually has some Fire beneath the smoke. A 128 gigabytes of NAND flash built by Toshiba for the Apple iPhone 6 first appeared in a pair of documents obtained by GeekBar.


Apple doesn’t not offer extended storage option in its devices. Currently, the largest storage option the iPhone has is of 64 GB and if it were to add this model to the list of options, iPhone would be extremely expensive, even on contract.

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