Apple iPhone 6 variants to have 2915 mAh and 1800 mAh Batteries

iphone 6

Apple’s flagship for this year, iPhone 6, is set to be unveiled next month. The rumors and leaks surrounding the next smartphone from the Cupertino giants are becoming stronger. This times it’s the battery size of the upcoming iPhones that has been leaked.

The source of the leak is Apple Daily who claim that they know the battery size of both the devices that Apple will unveil in September. The 4.7” variant of iPhone is set to have a modest 1810 mAh. battery while the larger phablet of 5.5” screen size will have a battery of 2915 mAh.

iPhone 6 battery size

This leak shows batteries showing mAh. ratings on them which is unlike Apple. There batteries usually don’t show these ratings and therefor the authenticity of the leak can be questioned. However, with competition rising and with no Steve Jobs to make everything about the iPhone ‘Different’, it is possible that Apple might have rated their batteries like all other phones in the market.

Apple’s iPhone will be announced on Sept 9th with the iOS 8. The smartphone will feature a mobile OS which has undergone a major overhaul and set to take the market by storm.

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