How to connect your Twitter to Facebook

Twitter facebook connect
Twitter and Facebook are the top two social Media Networking websites Right Now. If you have a significant presence on both these platforms, you would want to share your thoughts on both of them. Opening two separate websites and putting up a status/tweeting can become a hassle. To avoid it, Here is a method to connect your Twitter to your Facebook and post on both of them simultaneously.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
twitter sign in

2. Click on the Settings & Help Icon (Gear Shaped) on the Top Right Corner of the Window and Select Settings.

3.  In the Settings Menu, Select the Profile Tab.
twitter to facebook

4. Scroll down in the Profile Menu to locate ‘Connect Facebook’ Button. Click on it.

5. A pop Window will open asking for your Facebook Credentials. Enter them.
facebook sign in

6. Facebook will now ask permission to connect Twitter to your Facebook Account. Click Okay.
Facebook Twitter Permissions

7. Next, Facebook will ask permission to let Twitter post on your behalf. You can control who sees your Twitter posts by changing permissions in the Bottom Left Corner. Click Okay
Facebook twitter permissions 2

8. Viola!! Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts are Connected!!!

Now you can Post Something on Twitter and it will show up on your Facebook Profile like this

tweet to facebook

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