How to Enlarge Facebook Profile Photos that are Private

facebook private photos
Most of you mind find this Facebook Tip for stalkers only but it can be pretty useful. For Example, if someone is looking for Old school friends on Facebook and end up finding several people by the same name, he/she might want to have a look at the photo. Some people prefer to keep their profile photos visible in a smaller size so you might not be able to recognize them. Here is a method to help you enlarge a Facebook Profile Photo that is visible in a small size.

Step-by-Step Guide

1.  Go to the Facebook Profile of the person whose photo you want to see

2.  Right Click on his profile photo and Select Copy Image URL


3. Paste the copied URL in a ‘New Tab’ of your browser.

4. In the URL, replace the highlighted numbers with 720 and press Enter


You will be able to view larger Image of the Profile Photo in your browser. In some cases you wont find these numbers in the URL. Those images cannot be enlarged!

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