How to Freeze Rows or Columns in Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel is a a very powerful and common tool in Offices all around the world. You can perform various tasks including calculations, making spreadsheets, create Macros and what not. here is a handy feature of Microsoft Excel which enables you to lock Certain Rows or Columns (or both) while Scrolling.

Step-by-Step Guide (To lock Row/Column)

1. On your excel Sheet, do as follows
  • For Rows, Select a Row below the Row/Rows you want to Lock.
  • freeze panes

  • For Columns, Select the Column to the right of the Column/Columns you want to lock.
freeze panes 2

2. Among the Tabs on the top, locate the View tab and select it

excel lock rows

3. In the View tab options, locate Freeze Panes and Choose it. A drop down menu will open, Select the first option i.e. Freeze Panes

excel lock columns

If you want to lock only the first row or the first column, Freeze Panes option gives you preset options to lock these rows/columns.

Step-by-Step Guide (To lock Rows and Columns)

1. Select the Row below the Row/Rows you want to lock. Than Press Ctrl, and Select Columns to the right of the Column/Columns you want to lock.

lock rows and columns

2. Go to View>Freeze Panes>Freeze Panes (Same as above)

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