How to send Messages without using Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android


All of you are aware of the Facebook push to make users on iOS and Android install a second App just for messaging. Not only does it run in the background and drain your battery, it pops up annoying chat heads that get in the way of other Apps. There are some privacy issues as well with the App that have come to light. For those of you who want to avoid installing the Facebook Messenger App, Here is how you can view your Facebook messages without installing it.

Method 1 – Trick Facebook App into thinking you installed Messenger App (iOS, Android)

This is a simple hack which might not last long but it enables Messaging in your Facebook App on iOS/Android. Open your Facebook App and go to the messages section. Facebook will ask you to get the Messenger App. Tap it and the Play Store/App Store will open. Start downloading the App but Hit the Stop button before the App is downloaded. Now go back to your Facebook App and it will show all your messages and you will be able to send/receive messages. To keep this feature, you might have to stop any future updates of Facebook Messenger App.

Method 2 – Use an Internet Browser (iOS, Android)

The easiest solution to your predicament is using the any Internet Browser on your Android/iOS to send and receive Facebook Messages. Facebook App will notify you if you have a message. You can than log on to you Facebook account using a browser (chrome, puffin, Firefox etc.) to read and reply to the message. To avoid putting in your username and password every time on your browser, Save your password in your browser and bookmark Facebook.com/messages.

Method 3 – Use Facebook Paper (iPhone Only)

Facebook Paper App is a exclusive iPhone App that shows a beautiful Facebook interface as well as all your messages. Those of you who use Facebook paper to view Facebook wont have a problem sending/receiving messages using this App.

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