How to Uninstall System Apps / Bloatware in Android [Root Required]


Android is the most dominant Smartphone Operating System with several companies making their devices Android based. Almost every one of these manufacturer adds their own color to Android by using trademarks Apps. These Apps, no matter how attractive they look, slow down the phone. Here is How you can Remove/Uninstall Bloatware (System Apps) from your Phone.

Android System Apps

You can use the following steps to remove System Apps as well including the Google Play Apps which sometimes are a bunch load.

P.S. - You need to have Root Access of your Phone to Uninstall these Apps

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Download ‘System App Uninstaller’ from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the App on your Phone. The App will ask for Root Access. Grant it

3. The App will show a list of Apps that are System Apps/Bloatware. Now Select the App you want to uninstall.

system Apps

Selecting the App is the most trickiest part. This list of App includes some crucial system Apps without which Android will Crash. Fortunately, System App Uninstaller helps you with the Selection. In front of each App, there is a recommendation if you should Keep the App or Uninstall it. There are 3 types of recommendations.
  • Could remove: Removing this App will result in loss of useful functions of Android but the system wont crash
  • Should Keep: These Apps are crucial to the system and should not be removed
  • No Recommendations: These Apps can be removed without hesitation as it they are mostly bloatware and a waste of your Smartphone’s Space.

4. Tap on the Check Box in front of the App you want to remove and than Tap Uninstall.

system Apps

5. You will get a Prompt to confirm your decision. Press Yes and the Apps will be Uninstalled.

System App Uninstaller

System App Uninstaller Keeps the uninstalled Apps in a Recycle Bin Incase you have a change of heart and you want these Apps Back. Though Personally, I wouldn’t understand why you would want them back!!

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