Nokia Lumia Competitor HTC One M8 announced with Windows Phone 8

We have seen different varieties and types of devices in the tech world. From Minis to Grands to C’s, smartphone manufacturers have played with every features possible to target different markets. For the first times, a company has released its flagship with two different OS in the same year. Feast your eyes upon the HTC One M8 running Windows Phone.

For those of you who don’t remember HTC One M8 specs. Here is a Recap.

HTC One M8 is powered by a efficient 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 sporting a 2 GB RAM. With Full HD Display of 5.0 inches with almost no bezels, it surely is beautiful device. Adding to that are thefront-facing "BoomSound" stereo speakers, 4MP Ultra Pixel Camera and 2600 mAh. Battery. It is a typical 2014 flagship running on Windows Phone 8.1.1 instead of Android

This is a nice change for Windows Phone user who have been restricted to buying Nokia Lumia if they want to go for a high end device. Not only will this start a healthy competition among smartphone manufacturers but it will open an interesting avenue to comparison between Windows Phone and Android on the same devices.

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