No more Shaky Videos: Instagram releases Hyperlapse for iPhone, iPad

instagram hyperlapse
We all use smartphones and tablets and we all face the same problem, shaky videos. Even if you have the steadiest pair of hands in the world, there is bound to be a shake in the video you record using your gadget. Fear no more ( iPhone users for Now) , Instagram has released an App for smoothing out your Videos called Hyperlapse.

An App that smoothens the video, must be very complicated. Quite the opposite. Instagram’s Timelapse is a simple to use App that allows your to  film the time-lapse sequences and removes the shakiness in those videos ( it’s a fixed feature, you cant remove it) that your record. To record, Just Tap the record button to start and tap it again when your finish

As soon as you finish recording the video, an editing feature appears allow you to set the playback speed of the video. You can set speeds from 1x to 12x speed depending on how you like it. The stabilization feature is non-customizable and edits the video automatically. To see how much it has improved your video, tap on your screen as your video plays in editing mode. A Unstabilized option will appear, selecting it will play a video at the bottom which is unstabilized so you can compare.

You can share the video on Facebook or Instagram using the App. The restrictions of this App allow you to edit videos that have been recorded by it. So it cant be used as a video editing software.

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