Its Official: Apple to hold the iPhone 6 event on Sept 9th

Its bird! Its an Airplane! No, its Apple’s iPhone 6 event! Folks, the moment is here. Apple has announced that it is going to hold an event on the 9th of September 2014 in Cupertino, California. So all of the Apple fanboys can Shriek and get super excited as this is the day when Apple unveils its next iPhone, the iPhone 6.

To be honest, we still don’t know what it will be called. Since Apple is set to announce two devices, which devices gets what syllables is unknown. What we know is that two variants of iPhone, a 4.7” and a 5.5” inch device will be released with 7 mm thickness and a protruding camera and curved sides (wait! that’s quite a a lot).

This event invite is in accordance with the Apple trend to release iPhone devices in September. Starting from iPhone 4S, this trend has been continued with iPhone 5 and 5S. The event venue on the other hand is different. The Unveiling of Apple’s gadgets will take place at Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino which (as Techcrunch reports) which has a larger capacity compared to previous Apple iPhone event. Since this iPhone is set to be a gamechanger, Apple is playing it big.

Mark you Calendars!

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