LG G Watch R teaser released: A round Android Wear gadget unveiling at IFA

Android is not just a Smartphone 7 Tablets operating system anymore. HP Slatebook has a running Android as its operating system and in watches, we have to impressive Android Wear. LG was the first manufacturer to release an Android Wear Watch and within a couple of months, it back with another Watch, LG G Watch R.

The teaser was released by LG Mobile on their YouTube channel showing off a new round smart watch set to be unveiled at IFA Berlin 2014. The trailer focuses on a device that is a perfect circle which is a clear aim at the Motorola’s Moto 360. The render shown above features a fairly simple and common round watch instead of a gadgety wrist ware but with lugs on both sides which are most probably to keep the hardware.

Since LG’s first smart watch wasn’t round, its second device is set to even the odds and compete directly with Moto 360 and other possible watches that might pop up at the IFA or later this year. As Engadget rightly points out, product development cycle is usually longer then 2.5 months (gap between the two LG watches), this device must have been in the pipeline when LG released the G Watch. The first device was more an experiment then an actual flagship watch. That’s why LG is calling G Watch R as a game changer.
LG G Watch R will be unveiled close to Moto 360’s release making it a direct competitor of the Motorola smart watch.

Watch the Teaser Here

LG G watch R
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Source: Engadget, PhoneArena

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