Smartphone vs. Wild: Sony Xperia Z2 survives 6 weeks in Salt Water

sony xperia z2
When the IP57 certification was taken by smartphone companies making them water and dust proof, most of us considered it a hoax as we hung on to the cliché that smartphones are fragile. Sony Xperia Z2 has proved that Water and Dust Resistant features in smartphones really do Work as it survived Six Weeks in a Salt Water.

The smartphone was taken into the Water body by waves as its owner was waterskiing behind it.

The Seabed was deep so the phone could not be recovered. However, it was ringing upon calling. Six weeks after this incident, a friend of the owner went to the same water body for scuba diving and got the phone back.

Apart from drained battery, few scratches on the body and a shattered back glass, Sony Xperia Z2 was fine and started functioning normally as soon as it was charged. All of you who think Nokia makes the most sturdy phones in the market, look towards Sony.

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Source: PhoneArena 

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