Sony releases teaser for its Upcoming event: Xperia Z3 is Coming

Sony releases a video teaser for IFA, gives a clue or two about the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and the Z3 Tablet Compact

IFA Berlin 2014 is set to kick off next week. With the Samsung’s and the LG’s coming to the event with their devices, there is another manufacturer that is set to stir some things up at the event. Sony will be announcing its next flagship at IFA and it just released a teaser to confirm the speculations.

It seems like these smartphone manufacturers have become cult societies with their cryptic messages. This teaser features many. For instance, the image you see above is the one that appears in the trailer (and which I messed completely). This shows 3 devices which are most likely to be Sony Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 tablet and Xperia Z3 compact.  Other hints included a footballer wearing a no. 3 shirt meaning either 3 devices or the Z3 and then there are 3 people jumping in the pool. In the a timer appears showing H2O and 7mm and Cu before showing the event date of Sony. H2O and 7mm are understandable but Cu is still a mystery!

Check the teaser below

Sony teaser

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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