How to Unblock YouTube/Facebook on Android

youtube unblock
YouTube is the largest Social Media Network for Videos. It has a obscenely huge amounts of Videos stored in it from tutorials to cooking tips to building a Go Kart, not to mention the large database of songs. Unfortunately, it is banned in some countries and even in some schools, colleges and workplaces. Here are few tips that can help you Unblock YouTube on Android.
There are several ways to unblock YouTube including using a proxy servers or Browsers supporting Flash on Android but Know This. All of them will result in a slow Video Streaming Speed

1. Unblock YouTube using Proxy Servers

YouTube App for Android can be Unblocked using Proxy Server Apps available for Android. These Apps use proxies that bounce the data from foreign servers tricking your Internet Service Provider to Run YouTube. Some of Free Proxy Apps are
  • HotSpot Shield VPN
  • SpotFlux
  • HideNinja VPN

2. Unblock YouTube using Puffin Browser

This Free Browser for Android makes YouTube browsing and streaming almost seamless. It doesn’t Unblock the Android App for YouTube but allows you to visit YouTube.com and stream videos from there.

Stay Tuned for More Tips and Tricks


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