How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail

Undo sent email
Email is a powerful Tool nowadays with official as well as personal matters communication is done using it. The drawback of this technology is that once an email is sent, you cant Undo it. Fortunately Gmail provides an option to Undo a Sent Email. Here is How you can Undo an Email even after you have hit the ‘Send’ Button.

The Option to Undo a Sent Email is Disabled by Default and has to be Enabled. It gives you a 30 sec. Window after hitting to Send Button to ‘Unsend’ you Email.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Go to your Gmail Inbox and Click on the ‘Gear’ Icon on the Top Right Corner of the Window.

Undo Email Gmail 1

2. A Drop Down Menu Opens. Choose ‘Settings’ from it.
Undo Email Gmail 2

3. A Row of Tabs appear. Select ‘Labs’ from it.
Undo Email Gmail 3

4. Scroll Down until you Find ‘Undo Send’ and Click Enable.


5. Hit the ‘Save Changes’ Button at the end of the page. Gmail will Reload.

Undo Email Gmail 4

6. Say Voila!! Now Whenever you send an Email, Gmail will give you an option to Undo it.

Undo Email Gmail 5

The Undo Option is available for 10 sec. by default. You can Increase it upto 30 sec. by selecting the ‘General’ Tab in the Row of tabs  and Scrolling Down to Undo Send. Here You can select a cancellation Period of upto 30 sec.

Undo Email Gmail 6
Save yourself from Embarrassment or Regret and use the Gmail feature to your advantage

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