How to Find when you Installed your Windows


Microsoft Windows is the most widely used Operating system among computers at home and Work. As the operating system gets old, it starts becoming slower and pops up errors out of the blue. Here are a few methods to Find out the Installation date of Windows on a particular machine.

Method 1: Using Command Prompt

installation date

The easiest way to find out the Installation Date of the copy of Windows you have is using Command Prompt.

1. On your Desktop, Press + R.

2. Type cmd in the the Run Dialog and press Enter

3. Type systeminfo in the Command Prompt and Press Enter. Wait for a few minutes.

A list of system information will appear. Scroll Up and you will find the installation in the top half of the list [See Screenshot above]

Method 2: Using System Information Viewer (Software)

System Information Viewer is a Third Party Software that shows detailed information of your system from BIOS to Processors to RAM, virtually everything. You can Download it from Here

1. Extract and Run the Software.

2. The Software will open a Window showing details of Information about your system, CPU etc. Click on Windows in the Lower Tab Menu

system info viewer

3. In the Tab Menu, locate Windows Installation Date [See Screeshot]

system info viewer 2

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