Windows Problem Steps Recorder: A Tool you had no Idea Existed

Windows is a very powerful operating system with several tools to help us run our computers smoothly and efficiently. An average Windows users usually doesn’t know about half the tools Windows provides. Than that is what we are here for!! Lets have a look at a very handy tool that Microsoft’s Operating system provides. Problem Steps Recorder!

Problem Step Recorder is a tool introduced from Windows 7 onwards by Microsoft that records by explaining each step you took in simple English, taking snapshots with date and time of the steps and making a log to follow it easily. The names, locations, and versions of all programs that are opened during the recording are also mentioned. It also allows you to add comments to each step if you think further explanation is due. Once the recording is done, it creates a Zip file (inside which is an MHTML file – opened by any Internet Browser or Microsoft Word) which you can mail to anyone.

A tool as powerful as this can be used for several purpose. You want to tell your friend how to install a game? or set up a multiplayer profile, you can use the Problem Steps Recorder to make a tutorial. You are a network administrator and a user comes with a problem, you can ask him to record the exact steps before the problem occurs. You can even make a Recorder steps file and send it to Microsoft if there is a fault no one can handle!

Here is Step by Step guide to use Problem Screen Recorder.
1. Hit the Picture of the Start button button. Type PSR in the Search bar and Press Enter.

Problem Steps Recorder looks pretty innocuous.
problem steps recorder
2. As soon as you are ready to start, hit the Start Record Button.

3. Now you can perform the steps of your tutorial or your problem. ( I am making a tutorial on how to record use your webcam using VLC)

4. Hit the Stop Record Button once you are done.

5. A Save box will open. Name the file and hit Save.

To check how was your Problem Steps file turned out. Open the Zip file you just saved and extract it. Open the .MHTML file in any browser or Microsoft Word. This is how your Steps Recorder turns out.


Stay Tuned for More Updates


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